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  Becoming Nobody E-Book Available Today

There are a lot of different books on the market today. In that huge pile, there aren’t a ton of self-reflection books. The available self-reflection books don’t have the honesty needed to make an impact, and that’s where Becoming Nobody is different.

Becoming Nobody is an e-book about the author’s struggle of identity and self. The book follows his story over a 10-year span of self-discovery.

He grew up thinking that he was a cut above the ordinary. He thought that he was “somebody”, and that he was destined for great things, despite having no obvious reason why. He always believed that he was somebody special, until one day he realized that he’s ordinary like everyone else. This discovery was what he called “becoming nobody”.

This e-book starts the tough conversation that many of us don’t want to have with ourselves. If everyone believes they’re special, then that means that no one is special. Furthermore, if so many people think they’re special, most of them have to be wrong. Becoming Nobody explores the idea of stripping yourself of this laude and self-praise and understanding that normality is perfectly okay.

The author doesn’t try to sugar-coat it or act like it’s anything other than the truth. Most of us are perfectly ordinary, and that’s perfectly okay. He did a great job of framing this story through the lens of his own life, so the impact comes as less of a shock.

You can read more about Becoming Nobody directly on his website. This e-book is available today and you can find it on Amazon. Contact the author with your thoughts and questions, and read some excerpts from the text on his website.

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