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  Top Kindle Books for Self-Knowledge

There’s this huge surge of knowledge that comes with the uprising of the internet. But, why is no one striving for self-knowledge? There are tons of Kindle books that are how-to’s in a variety of different aspects, but Becoming Nobody breaks the mold.

Becoming Nobody is a book all about the author’s struggle to find out he was not the special person he imagined himself to be. He went through a decade of self-knowledge before putting together this e-book for us all to enjoy.

His newfound relative insignificance freed him from many irrational beliefs. Rather than boasting to be special and unique, he understands that the commonality he has with the world around him is remarkable.

He doesn’t advocate for everyone turning the camera inwards, but for other people seeking self-knowledge, he’s here. He is sharing his story for like minded people who are curious about what the end of the journey looks like.

The author found an answer to the question “Who am I?”, and he is ready to serve as a lighthouse for others who are on the same path. You can read his chronicles over a 10-year span that describes how he gained self-knowledge. This is one of those Kindle books that will really make you think, and change how you view things around you.

Becoming Nobody is for people seeking truth at any cost. You can contact the author today with any questions or comments.

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