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Meaning Of Life

  What is the Meaning of Life?

How many movies, books, and plays explore the meaning of life? So many people have different takes on it, which makes you think that the meaning of life is different for everyone. One answer to the question follows the path to self-knowledge, and it’s led by Rick Branch in his new book, Becoming Nobody.

Becoming Nobody is more than just a chronicle of stories. It’s the fabric of the author’s life and discoveries that are woven together to make meaning to the world around us.

The book begins with the author’s search for spiritual enlightenment. Branch looks for the meaning of life and discovers meaning about his own personal life along the way. His book Becoming Nobody outlines emails he shared from 2008 to 2018, and it shows how he discovers who he is.

He was seeking the truth no matter what. He found in the end that he wasn’t special, he was just like everybody else. The journey leads him into Becoming Nobody, and in so doing, Branch finds some of the peace of mind and contentment he’d been searching for his whole life.

For people on similar journeys, it might be helpful to read along. Becoming Nobody is not for everyone, but it uncovers a lot of truths. Having an accurate assessment of who you are is one way to make the world start making sense, and that’s what Becoming Nobody focuses on.

Turning the lens inward means focusing on faults within. Some people might not like what they see, but if you are seeking the truth no matter what, it’s something you have to do.

You can go to his website today and learn more about the book and his life. Becoming Nobody is available as an e-book through Amazon. You can pick up Becoming Nobody today and start the journey.

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