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Self-Published Book

  Rick Branch Self Publish Book on Amazon

For people exploring their identity and the idea of self, the new self-published book by Rick Branch is a great place to start. It’s called Becoming Nobody, and it explores the idea of stripping away the celebration of your worth.

In Becoming Nobody, Rick Branch dives into his own story between 2008 and 2018. He grew up being told that he was special, and that seeped its way into his whole demeanor. He believed he was special and that time would prove him right. It wasn’t until later in his life that he sat down and really explored this idea. Surely there were other parents like his, telling their respective kids that they were equally special and important as Rick. But if that’s true, doesn’t that mean there’s an overwhelming population of special people? That’s the exact opposite of what being special means.

Rick Branch opens up about his life and the idea of individuality in his e-book Becoming Nobody. If we all have this exaggerated feeling of being special, it makes none of us special. If we get rid of this feeling of entitlement, it changes how we view the world around us.

Getting rid of this is what he calls “becoming nobody”, and that’s how his self-published book got its name. To become nobody can be compared to becoming part of the crowd instead of believing one is above or better than the crowd. As the author contends, exaggerating one’s self-worth may feel good, but doing so is actually at the root of many of our difficulties in life.

You can read excerpts from his book and see what the fans are saying directly on his site. Read more about the author and pick up your copy of his e-book today.

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