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Who Am I

  Answering the Question Who Am I?

We have so much going on in our lives, and we spend so much time running around and doing different tasks. Do we ever ponder the question “Who Am I”? The author of Becoming Nobody challenges us to know thyself and writes a story of a man asking himself that same question.

Becoming Nobody is a book by Rick Branch that tells his own story about how he learned to know thyself. Branch takes a long, hard look at the person he thinks he is. Each chapter highlights his life from 2008 to 2018. A lot of the entries are emails shared between him and another seeker of the truth.

Essentially, this book acts as a way to start a discussion with yourself. Do you know who you are? You might think you do, but the truth might catch you by surprise.

By reading Becoming Nobody, you start to understand how to answer the tough questions. Going through someone else’s struggle of identity helps you to understand your own. It also acts as a great frame of reference for what we all are going through.

With life getting in the way, it’s infrequent that we ask, “Who am I”. Becoming Nobody is not afraid to challenge this notion and by reading it, you’ll know thyself and start to think more about the question. Maybe you won’t find out the answer just yet, seeing as though it took the author a journey of 10 years to answer it.

Becoming Nobody is available as an eBook on Amazon. Come and learn more about the journey. When you’re ready to buy, there’s a link at the top. With any questions or comments, you can contact the author directly on his site.

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